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What is Parachure?

Parachure is a digital financial advisor led by industry experts and experienced technology innovators. Parachure provides goal-based financial diagnostics though comprehensive algorithm and best practice approach of known financial experts, enabling the community to reach a future-sure life.


Why Parachure?

Because we want you to achieve financial freedom in the smartest, easiest and most convenient way, we offer both face to face advisory and automated workflow. We can match you with the financial advisor based on your financial goals or allow you to directly avail financial products, both protection and investments, form our trusted partners.


Our Financial Experts

Get access to our no-nonsense knowledge base straight from the experts

An advocate of Life & Personal Finance. With his 25 years of experience in the Financial Service Industry - Banking, Mutual Funds, Insurance and Financial Planning, and Management Consultancy, he has become one of today's most respected personal coaches in the country. He has given lectures in 12 countries outside the Philippines.
President & CEO at Rampver Financials, a dynamic niche player in financial services specializing in investments, and the biggest non-bank distributor of mutual funds in the Philippines. He serverd as the President & CEO of Philam Life, one of the country's most trusted financial services conglomerates and was Chairman of its affiliates and subsidiaries.
A global investor, wealth planner, speaker, personal finance resource person for TV, radio, magazines and a financial literacy advocate among Filipino Expats and OFW's globally. He is a licensed practitioner in the financial industry and is based in Singapore. Jess has been managing investment portfolios for over a decade.

Our Trusted Financial Advisors

Get matched with the right advisor based on your financial goal

Ramil Gandola, Licensed Mutual Fund
Affiliate: Sunlife Financial
Years in Industry: 23 years
Position: Branch Manager
MDRT Member   
International Awardee: Yes
"I'd like to contribute to the financial freedom of the Filipinos by spreading financial literacy. I believe it is the Lord who gives us the ability to make wealth."
Roann Rhizza Navarro, UTC, RFP
Affiliate: AXA Philippines
Years in Industry: 19 years
Position: Executive Branch Head
MDRT Member   
International Awardee: Yes
"To rookies in the field, I advise that financial freedom comes from dictating the income you want to have."
Angela Flores, RFP, FChFP, CTEP
Affiliate: Pru Life
Years in Industry: 23 years
Position: Wealth Mngmt Consultant
MDRT Member   
"As financial advisors, our main task is to provide financial wellness to more people, sharing the gospel of insurance and talk to more people about the world's safest asset class and that is insurance."
Josel Gaston, ILP
Affiliate: AXA Philippines
Years in Industry: 7 years
Position: Manager of Advisors
MDRT Member   
International Awardee: Yes
"Health protection establishes safety nets that will help Filipino families become wealthy."
Janette Lee, FChFP
Affiliate: Sunlife Financial
Years in Industry: 12 years
Position: Certified Investment Solicitor
MDRT Member   
"Mutual fund is an investment vehicle that has a potential to achieve better returns in spite of the risk of no guarantees in the returns...it has its own reasons of attaining higher returns in the future."
Joshua Emmanuel C. Bayabo RFP
Affiliate: Philam Life
Years in Industry: 4 years
Position: Executive Financial Advisor
MDRT Member   
International Awardee: Yes
"Financial Freedom can be easily attained if Filipinos will be properly educated about Legitimate Financial Planning. This is where I see myself in the picture as a financial educator."